No find, no charge


viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

A greeting for those who visits this blog, my name is Rubén Acevedo, I am radiestesista professional, for more than fifteen years, I am dedicated to find disappeared people, objects, animals, etc.

 Radiestesia (dowsing) is a technique by means of which with the use of pendulums and rods it is able to locate energy of the person to who it is tried to find.

In order to carry out this technique it is necessary in addition to pendulums and maps something is required that we called witnesses which is not another thing that objects, photos, clothes and anything that it has impregnated energy of the person, the one that will serve us to locate it within a map.

 In my experience I have found that approximately 80% of the missing people appears, initially is made a control to verify in what conditions is the person.

Contact me

Please fill this small questionnaire and send  it to me to:
1. - Name of the missing person?
2. - Circumstances and date of the disappearance?
3. - Had it  happened before?
4. - Name of the person in charge?
5. - Where it was seen  for the last time?
6. - Could send to us by email photo (s) of the missing person?
 7. – Do you understand  that my  work  has a cost? NO FIND,  NO  CHARGE
8. – Will you  look for where I indicate as soon as possible?


My main norm of work is the confidentiality, I practice it and I demand it